Friday, May 1, 2009

DID YOU KNOW: Wash clothes without water or detergent




AIR WASH: Washing machine which uses no water or detergents!


To all the green-minded consumers, here comes a washing machine from Electrolux which uses only air and no water to wash all kinds of stained fabrics. It consists of an air inlet, stainless steel cladding, electrostatic ionizing filter, intelligent air jets, clothing stand suction, automated swing- outdoor, touch sensitive interface, translucent polymer panel, HEPA filter and an air outlet.


The machine uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes; the form was inspired by the waterfall, which just so happens to be nature's own negative ion factory. The air jet washing technology is inspired by the beating action of clothes against river rocks in days gone by. Negative ions aids this air jet action by clumping dust, inactivating bacteria and neutralising odours.

Air wash helps clothes last longer even with a frequent wash. An innovation from two students from Singapore named Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chau won it the Electrolux Design Award in the year 2005. A hunch back shaped eco-friendly machine, maintains the colours and cleans in a matter of minutes.

Air wash also stands to help save lots on energy costs and water consumption, and has lot of potential for places without ready access to clean water.



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