Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Build and Release Training by DevOpsConsulting.in

Build and Release Training by DevOpsConsulting.in

DevOpsConsulting is a brainchild of passionate technopreneurs having vast experience in managing, designing and delivering large scale enterprise solutions with prime focus on achieving business goals with high performance systems. We are an IT technologies and consulting firm specialized in DevOps and software practices to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of an Organization.

We have extensive experience in various verticals like telecom, healthcare, finance, insurance, media etc. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise includes but not limited to DevOps Architect Design, Technical Debt Reduction, Cloud Migration, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.

The basic course program is outlined here

Software Configuration Management overview
Introduction of Version management / Source Code Management
Overview of Build management
Overview of Packaging management
Overview of Release and Deployment management
Git - A Source Code Management Tool
SVN - A Source Code Management Tool
Apache Ant - A Build Tool
MsBuild - A Build Tool
Nant - A Build Tool
Jenkins - A Continous Integration Tool
RPM - A Linux Package Management
Jboss - A Application Server
Bash Scripting - A Scripting Language
Linux and Windows - Operting System
Overview of Continuous Integration
Overview of Continuous Delivery
CI/CD Implementation

More - http://www.devopsconsulting.in/build-release-training.html

Email at - info@DevOpsConsulting.in

Saturday, September 12, 2015

DOT NET Build and Release Training at Microsoft platform Using Teamcity & Jenkins

DOT NET Build and Release Training at Microsoft platform Using Teamcity & Jenkins DOT-NET-Build-and-Release-Training This Training is specially designed for the engineer who wants to excel their career in Build and Release and DevOps domain using Microsoft Platform in DO NET. We are using tools like TeamCity and Jenkins for CIs, apart from MsBuild, NAnt, Octopus, Nuget and Chef using DSC.

Course Outline :

Concept / Process / Principals / Overview

  • Software Configuration Management overview
  • Elements of Software Configuration Management
  • Introduction of Version management / Source Code Management
  • Overview of Build management
  • Overview of Packaging management
  • Overview of Release and Deployment management
Source Code Management Tools
Build Tools
Continuous Integration Tools
Application Packaging Management Tools
  • Nuget - A windows based application packaging and management tool
Deployment Management / Configuration management - Fundamental only
Web server - Fundamental only
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0
Operating SystemÂ
  • Windows - A Microsoft operating system
  • PowerShell - A task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft
CI/CD Concept and Implementation

Monday, April 20, 2015

Build and Release Engineer Trainer


Trainer Name - Rajesh kumar
Email - rajesh@scmgalaxy.com

Career Summary
Total, Over 10 and half years of extensive experience in the SCM domain having depth knowledge of Configuration Management, Build and Installer, Release Management and Application Management.

Rajesh is a corporate trainer with over 10 years of rich development and training experience in the IT industry. He has delivered 10+ corporate trainings in various SCM, Build and Release,DevOps technologies to multiple global corporations, including IBM, Accenture, Ness, MindTree and Adobe name a few.
In addition to training, he has been consulting on niche product development across the SCM, Build and Release including Continuous integration/Delivery & Tools (AnthillPro, Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity), Version Control Tools (Git, Perforce, MKS, Subversion and VSS), SCM Scripting and Tools (Ant, Make, Maven, Shell Scripting and Perl) along with Cobertura, Coverity, SonarQube, Chef  and Puppet etc. In addition he is also an expert in web technologies viz. Joomla, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML etc.
In the past, he has worked in organizations like Adobe System, IBM, Accenture, Ness Technology, Accenture and Mindtree. Rajesh has a Masters Degree in Computer Science & Technology.

Skills Set
Area of Expertise
Version Control
Git, Perforce, Github, GitLab, Stash, SVN and Team Foundation Server
Continous Integration
Jenkins, AnthillPro, BuildForge, uBuild, uDeploy, Bamboo and TeamCity
Installer & Packaging
InstallAnywhere, InstallShield, Wise Installer/ Studio and Linux RPM
Configuration Mgmt
Chef and Puppet
Build Tools
Maven, Gradle,  Ant, Make and MSBuild
Perl, Shell Scripting, JavaScript(Basic) and Python(Basic)
App Servers
HTTP, Tomcat, WAMP, XAMP, Jboss, IIS 6.0
Quality & Security
SonarQube, FindBugs, AppScan, Coverity, Clover, Cobertura and JaCoCo 
VMware WorkStation, Oracle Virtualbox and VSphere
Joomla, Nexus, Artifactory, Elgg, BugZilla, JIRA, PhotoShop and Wiki
RHEL, Windows, Linux, Ubantu, Solaris and Mac OS X
Perl, HTML, Core Java, PHP, Microsoft.NET, CSS
MySQL 5, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL